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About me

I've been watching the programme the Super Vet and loved the quote from one of the dog owners 'Winning the lottery would make me happy but dogs are the next best thing.'


Having grown up with dogs all my life - my Mum and Dad's first dog, Biggles, a Beagle was around when I was born.  My family have had several different dogs of all sorts of breeds and sizes over the years.  I had a Jack Russell  - Stanley - a jack russell cross who I had for  just over 13 years.  Unfortunately, Stan is no longer with us and I now have Margot, a rescue lurcher.  


I am told by friends that I have a natural affinity with dogs and have always been interested in their behaviour.   I am currently studying for a diploma in animal psychology.  I have also completed a pet first aid course.


I'm the sort of person who will always stop to say hello to a dog or a puppy and with Doggy Day Clare I have found my dream job, spending my days with my furry friends!



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